3 X 5 Trimester Schedule

Over the past nine years this schedule has become very prominent in Michigan. The schedule allows for all the benefits of block scheduling without the built-in problems. Requiring no additional staff and saving money while providing more classes for students are strong reasons for leaving a traditional schedule and moving to a trimester format. Balancing students’ core classes over three terms allows for less stress on students. Staff members are given more preparation time with fewer students and classes to manage. With all the positives in the time structure, the real benefits are in the guidelines and policies that make the time structure work to its full advantage. Other major benefits are the curriculum alignment and the ability for students to take courses over in the same year. Traditional year long classes run 2 of the 3 terms. Only band, choir and AP classes are run all 3 terms.

Based on an MHSAA survey, 33% of Michigan High Schools 

will be in or moving to the trimester schedule during the 09-10 school year.

Sample 9th Grade Schedule





1st Hour

English 9A


U.S. History B

2nd Hour

Band A

Band B

Band C

3rd Hour

Algebra 1 A

Algebra 1 B

English 9B

4th Hour

Phy. Ed.

French 1 A

French 1 B

5th Hour

Biology A

U.S. History A

Biology B

Each class is worth .5 Credit - 7.5 Credits per year 

Additional Information 

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